Therapist on the Set
Communication and Conflict Management / Resolution on the Set
      • Worried about on set disasters?
      • Trying to keep your production moving?
      • Don't know where the next emergency or crisis will come from?
      • Do you want to minimize personality conflicts?

If you've been in a tight spot on your production due to major clashes of personalities, creative differences, misunderstandings, budget constraints, or just the normal vulnerabilities of being human in a high stress business, then perhaps it's time to have a therapist on the set!

- A therapist on the set can help resolve issues of emotional discord by redirecting the emotions at the therapist, rather than at the crew, actors, producers, directors or writers.

- A therapist on the set can hear things in confidentiality** helping cast and crew resolve or head-off possible, perceived or real issues.

- A therapist on the set can coach clients about how to handle criticism and strong emotions in a constructive way.

- A therapist on the set can convey understanding obstacles not as rejection, but as clarifications; not as failure, but as gained knowledge and experiences .

- A therapist on the set can help clients work with diverse and strong personalities.

Yes, a Therapist on the Set is cost effective, private, confidential**, and can help the staff manage stress, reduce emotional reactivity, and promote communication.

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** EXCEPTIONS TO CONFIDENTIALITY: applies to working with other health care providers ONLY (mandated by law) for:
acts or imminent intentions of suicidality, imminent violent harm to self or others, child abuse, and dependent adult/elder abuse.